Affresco is an international manufacturer specializing in production of frescoes and wallpaper and providing services of customized design for commercial and residential spaces using Affresco products since 1997.
In almost 20 years of work Affresco factory has become the largest wallpaper and frescoes manufacturer in Russia and Asia.
Advanced technologies and elaborated production processes allow the factory to provide luxury products of the highest standard. Affresco is the only wallpaper manufacturer in the world that uses its own unique technologies at every stage of production. Every year several brand new Affresco products are presented to the market. And usually it’s not just new wallpaper and frescoes collections, but some new groundbreaking types of wallcoverings never done before by anyone in the world décor industry.
Unique technologies are not the only key to Affresco’s success on luxury wallcoverings market. Affresco factory is also a team of professional artists and designers educated in the most prestigious European art workshops. Over the years of work Affresco has collected the biggest image library for wallcoverings in the world. It contains several thousand images of all the styles from different painting techniques to modern design.