Fine 26

A fusion of inspiration and fine art, FINE26 has over 45 years of experience in exceptional craftsmanship. They believe that fineness is the soul of all masterpieces and their artisans make it their sole purpose to infuse shape and form to this life force. Inspired and inspiring, truly original works of art are created by crystallizing the spirit of the subject, crafting pieces which are simple but impactful. Selecting a story to tell, they immerse themselves at the very core of the subject, retelling it again and again in a more meaningful way. These subjects are not great schemes or world changing ideas but simple, everyday things which have a positive influence on people. Always pushing the boundary, FINE26 finds unique beauty by merging art and science - creating extraordinary masterpieces uniting traditional hand craftsmanship with modern engineering. The primary material of choice is element 26: Ferrum – the strongest and the most flexible metal on earth, and they integrate aesthetic appeal with the highest metal-form engineering to develop their unique masterpieces. A close collaboration between design, engineering and craftsmanship, FINE26 believe that every detail counts. In the finest Thai tradition, the skilled hands of their expert artisans create stunning works of art. Their pursuit of ultimate perfection is rooted in the knowledge and passion handed down over generations and fuelled by ground-breaking engineering feats.